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Everybody else is doing it!

Mario Moore

So here’s a secret...I don't do farmers markets. I’ve definitely been before but never with the same kind of intention as hitting the grocery store at 8:00pm on a Sunday night. It always felt like I needed to mentally prepare for a festival with all the people, funky outfits and folks munching on weird snacks. See, the way my sleep is set up...waking up early on the weekend to hit the food festival was not the move. BUT they don't shut down until the sun is high in the sky, so there's hope!

This past weekend, I was feeling like I was in the eye of the storm. With work stuff seemingly calm for the moment, it felt like a good time to recharge with good food. So I talked myself into hitting the market under 83. My Bmore folks know the food fest I'm talking about.

To take some of the edge off, I decided to make a game out of it. I had $15 and told myself I was going to see if I could feed myself for the next 3-4 days on this haul. I only spent $13 and made out like a bandit! With the rice I had laying around the house, I was able to make two quick Meatless Monday worthy dishes with some funky ingredients, that I have never seen before. Check us out on IG for some Meatless Monday ideas.

A few selfish reasons for hitting Farmers Market:

  1. Delicious, ripe produce. Farmers have likely just harvested the produce before it comes to the market, so you don’t have to worry about it being picked early,  so that it can travel a long distance without going bad.

  2. You can talk to the farmer. Not only can you find how your food was grown (organic, gmo free, etc.), but you can also get some advice on cooking up that weird new veggie you've never seen before.

  3. You might catch a deal! Forget the discount card! I like to stroll up just before closing so that I get the “I’m trying to get rid of this” deals. Yes I will take that kale, those potatoes and these carrots for $5...please and thank you!

I do wish that I didn’t have to wake up to enjoy all the goodness at the farmers market, but I think I might have to get over it. Hitting the market this weekend was actually a much better experience than my normal grocery store run. I got to check out and buy a bunch of things I’ve never seen let alone, tasted. I’m looking forward to exploring more of my local markets and seeing what folks are growing around my way!

Eat to live. Live to be.

B. Bowden