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Check out some Art

Mario Moore

What's up art enthusiasts,

I will be contributing to the BMG's Art page. Taking you to some of the most amazing art openings and showing you the world of contemporary art. As an artist myself and a resident of New York I will make sure you get a wide view of art curated through my unique perspective. Introducing you to some of the hot up and coming artist and convincing you why that art print you bought from Walmart was a bad decision.

I will talk about the importance of art as cultural content and how collecting art can be valuable for personal reasons as well as an investment. Some people see it as excess or a want, I view art as a need. From early cave paintings, Egyptian Hieroglyphs to contemporary art, these art histories all carry the human story forward.

So from private art openings, museum shows, to studio visits, you will be seeing some pretty dope stuff. There will be a focus on Black artist killing the game and plenty of visual stimulation to keep you looking.

Until next time check out some dope artist that have been in the game for a while:

School of Beauty, School of Culture. Kerry James Marshall, 2012

Carousel Form II. Sam Gilliam, 1969

Aesthetics of Funk. Xenobia Bailey, 2011

Four at Sea, Shirley Woodson Reid, 2006

You Became Playmate to the Patriarch and their Daughter. Carrie Mae Weems, 1995

Mario Moore