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Let's Eat!

Mario Moore

What’s the word family,

I am the main contributor to the BMG Food page and I will be bringing you all things food and health. Shifting away from the annoyingly picky eater of my younger years towards the self-proclaimed vegetable enthusiast standing before you today, uniquely qualifies me to give a damn about what I eat and to share my experience with anyone who is willing to listen. It might also help that I have a background in teaching nutrition and cooking. My journey with food has been that of discovery, failure, perseverance and triumph and I want to share with y’all as I continue to learn along the way.

Like most of you, I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses that could be prevented or relieved by changing lifestyle habits and that’s why I’m so passionate about food. Food is powerful and somehow we seem to ignore its impact on our lives. For most food is a means to end but in reality for many it winds up being the means to THE END.

We know that from meal prep tips to myth debunking, access to food and health information can be overwhelming. Check us out as we navigate some of those confusing topics and provide tools and tips to make positive changes on your plate.

Grab a plate, pull up a chair. Let’s eat!