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7 cardinal style sins

Mario Moore

 As the BMG’s style aficionado, I feel like I have an obligation to save Black and Brown Millennials from committing sartorial suicide. I've seen way too many style misfires and it’s literally impossible for me to sit on the sidelines and let you look foolish any longer. So, if you're looking to repent from your fashion sins, avoid the following:


  1. Off-the-Rack Suits


You would think this one would be common sense, but it’s not. I can't tell you how many times I have been out and about and seen guys walking around looking like a pallbearer because they didn't visit a tailor after purchasing their suit. I am not naive to think everyone can afford a Bespoke suit (well, unless you're Harvey Specter), but finding a tailor and building a rapport with him will go a long way. Some people say a dog is a man’s best friend; but every stylish guy knows a tailor is man’s best friend.


2) The Deep V-Neck


I’m honestly not a big fan of the v-neck. I never have been. I'm more of a u-neck tee kinda guy, but if you must wear a v-neck, make sure it’s not a deep V. Otherwise you will be looking like JLO at the Grammys circa 2000 and let me tell you, no one wins when that happens. We all lose. 


3) Boot Cut Jeans


Unless you're pouring concrete, wielding some type of hammer, or building a skyscraper, you should not wear boot cut jeans. This cut of denim does not lay well on shoes at all and they turn what could have been a fire outfit into a monstrosity. It's best to just leave them at the construction site.



NOTE: Embroidered Jeans


I really shouldn't have to advise you of this, but no man should wear embroidered jeans. They look like my niece got a hold of her bedazzling machine and decided she wanted to be the modern Christian Audigier of her day.


4) Wearing Clothes that are Too Tight


I know that slim fit and tailored clothes are something that the BMG will preach about often; but there is a difference between looking like you have on a wetsuit versus wearing something that is the perfect fit. Make sure you're dressing appropriate for your body type.


5) Too Trendy


I think sometimes we often mistake “trendy” with being “stylish”. 10 times out of 10 that isn't the case. Just ask everyone who bought those leather sweatpants from En Noir a few years back (I was almost a victim myself. Damn you, Rob Garcia.)


6) Label Whores (Excuse my French)


Hey, look. I'm not going to lie—I'm all for a good Rodarte Tee as much as the next guy, but why do many of us in the Black and Brown community equate “stylish” or being “fashionable” with wearing a whole slew of labels? What’s worse is that when we do it, we have to have on all the monogrammed prints from head to toe. Maybe no one has told you, but I’ll be the first to notify you; you look absolutely absurd. By no means am I saying not to wear anything with a logo but when you look like a peacock, we can all agree that it’s a bit much.



7) Squared Toe Shoes


If you own a pair of squared toe shoes, take a can of gasoline and grab a lighter and politely set them on fire… as in, RIGHT NOW. Drop whatever it is you’re doing and do away with those hideous creations.


I’ll be the first to tell you that I may have committed some of these style sins myself, but luckily the fashion gods have forgiven me. We may not get it right all the time, but it is my hope that you don't become a repeat offender of these cardinal sins.