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The Essentials

Mario Moore

So, you want to be more conscious of how you dress? But let’s be honest, if it wasn't for Kanye, you would still be pronouncing Dior Homme as “Dior Homie”. You still think Steve Harvey is a style icon, and let’s not mention the fact that you just stopped wearing those pre-boxed shirt and tie combos approximately 5 mins ago. I think guys want to start dressing well now more than ever, but lack the necessary tools. The first place to start is your closet. You should purge your wardrobe of all items that you don't wear anymore, starting with those super cool True Religion jeans you bought a few years back (great purchase). Now you have to rebuild your wardrobe. When starting over from scratch you don't want to purchase trendy pieces. When thinking of your classic pieces, you’ll want to treat them like the franchise player of your basketball team. Let them be the foundation, as you build around them.  So let me give you 10 classic items every man should own.


1. White Oxford Shirt


Whenever I’m not sure what to wear this is my go-to. You can never go wrong with a crisp slim-fit white oxford.


2. Navy Blazer


The navy blazer is great because you can dress it up or dress it down. You can pair it with a white oxford (aforementioned) or a nice heather grey tee. The versatility of this piece is what makes it a necessity. 


3. The White Sneaker


The white sneaker is definitely a mainstay in any guy’s wardrobe. I, personally, like the Stan Smith by Adidas. They are a minimalistic sneaker, and they’re very cost effective. Additionally, If you have a couple of dollars to spare, you can’t go wrong with all white Common Projects.


4. Selvedge Denim


Invest in a good pair and you definitely will get your money’s worth. These jeans are different than your average pair of Wranglers because the denim is weaved using a tighter technique in an effort to produce a more sturdy denim. Because of this production method, they hold up well over time, and to top it off there isn't anything they don't pair well with.


5. Crew Neck Tee


Find a brand that fits your frame well. Buy multiples in grey, white, and black. You will thank me later.


6. A Starter Suit


You actually need three suits. When purchasing a suit, you'll want to select solid colors. I suggest black, navy, or charcoal grey. These colors are great because they can always be paired with different shirt and tie variations to create an entirely new look. As you’re building your suit collection stay away from patterned suits, as those are more distinctive and cannot be re-worn seamlessly. Do you really wanna be that guy who always wears his “favorite suit” to every event? Be sure to get them tailored. MAJOR KEY ALERT!


7. Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt


It’s a piece that you can wear all year round. From summer nights with a great pair of chino shorts, to winter days layered over a white oxford shirt, the grey crewneck sweatshirt will pretty much go with anything in your closet.


8. Brown Lace Ups


These are another investment worthy piece. With your brown lace ups, you're ready for whatever the night brings.


9. Chinos


Chinos are a great alternative to jeans. Be sure you get them in an a slim cut. The best part about chinos is that they fall somewhere in between dress slacks and jeans. They’re perfect for walking the halls of an Ivy league campus or just keeping it casual at a great brunch spot.


10. Denim Jacket


This is a major key player in every man’s wardrobe or at least it should be. Wear it with a tee and some black denim or you can dress down your stuffy shirt and tie.