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Mario Moore

My name is Greg and I'm the BMG's resident grooming and style know-it-all. I'm here to help millennials (especially black millennials) by guiding them through fashion's most burning questions. Some of these questions include the following: What should I wear to my job interview? What's the difference between a notch and a peak lapel? Lastly, fashion's most daunting question:  What would Hedi Slimane do?  

I'm pretty sure you're wondering what qualifies me for such a task, well I'm glad you asked. I'm a fashion school dropout. I have worked in men's retail for 10 plus years. I read GQ religiously, and if those aren't enough, I won my high school's Class Best Dressed. I mean if that doesn't scream qualification all over it I don't know what does!

Basically, I'm here for all of your sartorial needs. Let's have fun and enjoy this journey together, and if you're having a midweek style conundrum like: What should I wear to Whole Foods or If I mix plaid and polka dot together will I make my date dizzy? always feel free to shoot me an email at or tweet me your questions @WheresGregoryD 

Until next time,